Command 6 unique soldiers
Defend and hold the line at all costs!

Command your squad in real-time combat,covering each other while moving across lanes to eliminate enemies.

Use unique abilities to
turn the tide of the battle.


Shieldbearer wields a heavy shield on the front line
to knock back enemies and protect friendlies from long-range attacks.

Active Skill Unbreakable Swing


Berserker uses his powerful melee
attacks to slaughter enemies at the front line.

Active Skill Overdrive


Ranger takes advantage of his range attack
and speed to make quick work of his enemies.

Active Skill Electric Grenade


Medic heals other soldiers and
has the ability to regenerate her own health.

Active Skill Tactical First Aid


Sniper neutralizes enemies from a long distance
with unparalleled firepower.

Active Skill Energy Blast


Grenadier fires RPGs from a distance to
bring death and destruction upon enemy units.

Active Skill Hellfire RPG

Battle 30+ enemies
Engage in Epic boss fights.

Face over 30 monsters,
and fight giant bosses in epic battles.
Every monster has its own unique abilities.

Upgrade and customization
Create your own playstyle

Utilize the talent tree, tactical chips,
and cooking system to customize your soldiers and squad,
creating your own playstyle.

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