001Studios was founded in 2017 in Taipei City, Taiwan.
It is a 5-man development team made up of video game players.
We grind to perfect our game's core, create high-quality animation, and strive for greatness.
If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to contact us.

More about 001studios

CY Founder / Producer

Hi, I’m CY. I’m the founder / producer of 001Studios.
My soul is made by game and music.
Twitter: @cycleapple

Wu Ming Game Designer

I'm Wu Ming, I do all the game design in Iron Vulture.
Email: [email protected]

DanDan Software Developer

I'm DanDan, I do most of the programming on Iron Vulture.
Twitter: @asd540578
Email: [email protected]

Fishbone 2D Artist / Animator

I created all the pixel animation for monster, envirement and part of vfx for Iron Vulture. During this project, I always want to draw butt and girls, but I'm always working on monsters.
Facebook: Bonesfish
Pixiv: Bonesfish

Aloner 2D Artist / Animator

Pixel Artist, create all the soldier's animation and part of VFX for Iron Vulture. During this project, I always want to draw girls with face while working.
Facebook: Aloner.GDN
Pixiv: Aloner

Iron Vulture Credit

  • Concept Art - Band Huang
  • Monster Concept Art - S.c.o
  • UI Visual Design - Vito
  • Official Website Visual Designer :Willa Li
  • Official Website Front-End Programmer : Jonas Chou
  • Official Website Back-End Programmer : Rex Chou
  • Teaser Produciton - K4s Motion Studio
  • Music Production - Eazie Huang (Sound of Tomorrow)