Update History

Version 0.0.062: 2020-01-30 (1630c53e)


  • Update Medic's SpriteSheet and some animaiton

Bug Fix

  • Optimize and organize whole project files
  • Fixed death VFX animation of Shieldbearer
  • Fixed death animation of Ranger
  • Fixed and Optimize collider logic
  • Fixed issues when Ranger turn
  • Fixed issues when Shieldbearer turn
  • Fixed range not work properly for Sniper active skill
  • Fixed attack logic when enemy close to Grenadier
  • Fixed size of Ranger's melee attack range
  • Fixed issues of Sniper's colliders
  • Fixed issues when Ranger turn
  • Fixed and Optimize turn animations
  • Fixed calculation of Ragner active skill
  • Fixed stun range of Ranger active skill
  • Fixed Grenadier only hit 1 enemy when normal attack