Update History

Version 0.0.060: 2019-11-28 (e6bf12f4)

Bug Fix

  • Fixed knockback direction and damage for enemy
  • Fixed calculation of resistance
  • Fixed movement control for Shieldbearer
  • Fixed VFX of Medic's skill heal
  • Fixed VFX of Medic's normal heal
  • Fixed damage number of resistance damage
  • Fixed movement problem of Medic
  • Fixed logic of Medic's normal heal
  • Fixed self-regeneration problem
  • Fixed soldier spawn too early
  • Fixed animation problem when Sniper walk to right and turn left
  • Fixed Medic can't heal properly when soldier move outside of heal range while healing
  • Fixed anchor point/position of every soldier
  • Fixed Shieldbearer can't attack when enemy on the right side
  • Fixed Shieldbearer attack logic
  • Fixed attack range of Sniper
  • Fixed Sniper can not turn back when there is a enemy on the right
  • Fixed Shieldbearer can't stop moving when facing left