Update History

Version 0.0.061: 2019-12-31 (91dac072)


  • Update Ranger's spritesheet
  • New walking animation for Ranger
  • Sniper can't turn and attack when enemy on the right


  • New health bar
  • New character slot
  • New function and speed buttons

Bug Fix

  • Fixed Sniper& Grenadier can't move properly when there is enemy on the right
  • Fixed Shieldbearer make additional move when turn to the right
  • Fixed Shieldbearer make addional move when turn to the left
  • Fxied Medic can't move properly after normal heal
  • Fixed animation problem when Shielbearer turn
  • Fixed layer problem of Grenadier's active skill
  • Fixed VFX of Sniper's active skill, and add new vfx to the skill
  • Fixed and Optimize some collider issues of soldiers
  • Fixed calculation of deduction multiplier